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Customer Comments

"I am a Resource Specialist, and I have a student who could not read, no matter what program or method I tried. He has serious visual motor, visual discrimination, and visual processing difficulties. I told him that I had a magic wand, your sample strip, and it was going to help him read. He believed it, just like Dumbo’s feather, and he read to me for the very first time. The yellow made the words stand out visually, and it helped his tracking. When I showed and told his mom she cried. Actually we both did because we had tried so many different things. I thought you should know that your invention changed the life of a child, mom, and Resource Specialist. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to give him his very own ‘magic wand’.” S.B


Tax exempt Educational Institutions that are in the state of Florida, please enter
NOTAX in the discount voucher field and click on recalculate.

US Educational Institutions ONLY  can also  send a purchase order to:
Reading Helper, Inc.,
10111 NW 1st Manor
Coral Springs, FL 33071
FAX to (954) 344-2133

There is no minimum order quantity.


The READING HELPER is available in yellow, red, green, blue, aqua, pink, purple, orange and clear. The yellow and blue READING HELPERS are available in 3 sizes. The standard window (8mm) is used for tracking 1 line while the wide window (16 mm) is used for larger print as well as tracking 2 or 3 lines at a time. They are both 7” in length. The standard long READING HELPER is 8.5” in length with an 8 mm window and is used with wider pages.


bullet Standard = 8mm window – 7” long (all 9 colors)
bullet Wide = 16mm window – 7” long (Yellow and Blue only)
bullet Standard Long = 8 mm window – 8.5” long (Yellow and Blue only)

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