The Reading Helper: How to Improve Reading Ability
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Customer Comments

"I am a Resource Specialist, and I have a student who could not read, no matter what program or method I tried. He has serious visual motor, visual discrimination, and visual processing difficulties. I told him that I had a magic wand, your sample strip, and it was going to help him read. He believed it, just like Dumbo’s feather, and he read to me for the very first time. The yellow made the words stand out visually, and it helped his tracking. When I showed and told his mom she cried. Actually we both did because we had tried so many different things. I thought you should know that your invention changed the life of a child, mom, and Resource Specialist. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to give him his very own ‘magic wand’.” S.B


The READING HELPER is an aid that can be used by both beginning as well as experienced readers who have a problem focusing. Using frames and colored plastic, the READING HELPER allows the reader to easily see the contrast of words on the page therefore increasing the ability to concentrate without distraction. Teachers have seen students improve reading comprehension drastically through the use of one of these devices.


About 12% of the population experience reading problems because the brain and/or eyes incorrectly process what they are seeing. This causes only a few letters on a page to appear sharp, and the other letters are slightly out of focus. Reading black letters on white paper is particularly troublesome. Attention and concentration problems are often the result of visual distortions; consequently, the reader may have difficulty tracking the line to be read or staying on task. Many people of all ages with light sensitivity are easily frustrated and avoid reading. Standard eye and educational tests do not detect light sensitivity problems. Fortunately, there is growing evidence that colored overlays are beneficial to readers of all ages. Each colored READING HELPER processes the light entering the eye uniquely. To determine which color works best, place one READING HELPER on a page of print. Ask if this color helps to see the words better. Repeat the procedure with other colors until you receive a positive response.

The READING HELPER is ideal for overcoming reading problems for children and adults who experience one or more of the following difficulties:

bullet Skipping words
bullet Skipping lines
bullet Reversing letters
bullet Transposing letters
bullet Losing place
bullet Rereading lines
bullet Losing concentration
bullet Poor comprehension
bullet Finding it tougher to read longer
bullet Getting headaches from reading
bullet Getting red or watery eyes
bullet Getting tired when reading
bullet Blinking and squinting when reading
bullet Reading too close to the page

How to Improve Reading Ability

The READING HELPER was developed by long time educator Carol Reed, and was brought from concept to finished product in 1999. During reading comprehension exercises, the colored plastic of the READING HELPER highlights the line, enabling the reader to easily focus and concentrate on the words on the page. If you are wondering how to improve reading ability for you or for your students, the READING HELPER could be the answer. The product is available in several colors, each of which may have a different effect depending upon the user's need. To learn more, please browse through our articles, or take a look at the product page to see the different colors and options and their specific uses.

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