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Customer Comments

"I am a Resource Specialist, and I have a student who could not read, no matter what program or method I tried. He has serious visual motor, visual discrimination, and visual processing difficulties. I told him that I had a magic wand, your sample strip, and it was going to help him read. He believed it, just like Dumbo’s feather, and he read to me for the very first time. The yellow made the words stand out visually, and it helped his tracking. When I showed and told his mom she cried. Actually we both did because we had tried so many different things. I thought you should know that your invention changed the life of a child, mom, and Resource Specialist. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to give him his very own ‘magic wand’.” S.B


Help with Reading Comprehension Exercises

To improve reading comprehension, readers can not always begin with critical thinking issues. In fact, about twelve percent of the population experience problems related to brain and eye function. The brain and/or the eyes incorrectly process what they are seeing, causing only some of the letters on a page to appear sharply, with the others slightly out of focus. This can cause confusion, headaches, and eye strain, making reading comprehension exercises difficult. Attention and concentration problems are often due to these visual distortions, and reading black letters on white paper is often particularly troublesome for those looking to improve reading skills. The Reading Helper's covered overlays are beneficial to readers of all ages, helping those with light or scotopic sensitivity, dyslexia, and other problems.

Improve Reading Skills Today

Improve Reading Skills

Standard eye and educational tests do not detect light or sensitivity problems. The Reading Helper colored overlay is not a solution that needs to be prescribed, however. By placing it over lines of text, it helps improve reading skills by eliminating many of the root causes of concentration difficulties. To determine which color works best, simply use trial and error. With the Helper, reading comprehension exercises no longer have to be a strain.

The Helper has worked with those suffering from the following difficulties or obstacles: skipping words or lines; reversing or transposing letters; losing place, rereading lines, or losing concentration; headaches or watery eyes; blinking and squinting; and more. Order today to let our Helper help you or your students.


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