How to Improve Reading Ability: the Reading Helper
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Customer Comments

"I am a Resource Specialist, and I have a student who could not read, no matter what program or method I tried. He has serious visual motor, visual discrimination, and visual processing difficulties. I told him that I had a magic wand, your sample strip, and it was going to help him read. He believed it, just like Dumbo’s feather, and he read to me for the very first time. The yellow made the words stand out visually, and it helped his tracking. When I showed and told his mom she cried. Actually we both did because we had tried so many different things. I thought you should know that your invention changed the life of a child, mom, and Resource Specialist. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to give him his very own ‘magic wand’.” S.B


How to Improve Reading Ability: Focus and Concentration

How to Improve Reading Ability

Carol Reed, the creator of the Original Reading Helper, has worked in the educational realm for thirty-six years in a variety of roles. She has taught and tutored, worked as a guidance counselor, and been employed as an educational consultant. Working with students with academic deficits and learning disabilities, she developed the Helper in order to improve reading skills by helping beginning and experienced readers to focus. It moved from concept to finished product in 1999. Employed during reading comprehension exercises or to read on one's own, the Helper is placed on top of the line to be read. The colored plastic highlights the line, allowing the reader to easily focus and concentrate on the words. For more on how to improve reading ability, browse the site and hopefully all of your questions will be answered.

For Use in Reading Comprehension Exercises

The Reading Helper is an ideal tool for improving reading comprehension and overcoming problems to do with scotopic sensitivity syndrome, dyslexia, or many other disorders or learning disabilities. Take a look at the product page to see how to improve reading ability for those who experience one of the following difficulties or symptoms:

  • Skipping words or lines
  • Reversing or transposing letters
  • Losing place or rereading lines
  • Finding it tough to read for extended periods of time
  • Getting headaches or red and watery eyes
  • Blinking and/or squinting
  • Reading too close to the page

Many educators have found that the Reading Helper is a great asset when working with students on their reading comprehension exercises. The product comes in many colors and a couple of different sizes, which work with different efficacy for students with varying needs in varying types of light. Over two million have been sold on three continents. Order online through our secure site today.


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